Keep Your Eye on the Horizon and Experiment!

Keep your eye on the horizon and experiment…. and use a variety of teaching methods!

Like most of you who traveled any distance to see the eclipse two months ago, the drive home took a very long time. You may have tried various alternative routes to beat or avoid the traffic. Maybe your choices saved a little time or, maybe not. Still, the goal of “getting home” remained the same, and experimenting or looking for new paths was worth trying.

Home schooling is a lot like this. It has a “horizon,” with specific learning objectives. They’re likely “out there” in the distance, so you have to be committed to the long haul. You’re also aware that there are various ways to reach them so being open to new ways of doing things is an advantage.

How do you learn best? Reading, listening, discussing, observing, or doing? How does your child learn best?  Probably through one of these means, but which one? We all have our preferences, and ours may likely be different from our children’s. In addition to our preferences, some learning approaches are more effective than others depending on what knowledge or skill we’re wanting to acquire.

There is no one best way to learn, so be sure to experiment!  Using a combination of methods is usually more effective than relying on just one.

Keep your eye on the horizon and experiment!

That’s the tip of the week!

Curt Bumcrot, MRE

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