The Most Neglected, But Powerful, Educational Tool

In this current time of “educational enlightenment,” the use of repetition as a learning strategy is sometimes scoffed at. We’re led to believe that technology has replaced archaic practices such as memorizing, drilling, and reciting. This idea couldn’t be more wrong.

My thinking on this subject was challenged a few years ago at a continuing educational class I took at Lewis and Clark College. There, I was introduced to new brain research about the role myelin plays in learning. Myelin functions as an insulator surrounding the “wiring” (nerves) in the brain.  The more myelin surrounding the nerves, the faster the communication between nerve impulses and the body. Myelin is built through repetition. So, getting really good at something requires practice, a lot of it.

I tested this idea in the classroom last year when I introduced the use of flash cards to the study of geography and language mechanics. Scores and performance were strong among students who utilized the cards. The Mastering Punctuation Flashcards (our latest product) is the result of what we learned from last year’s classroom experience.

The more your student practices, the more myelin is created. The more layers of myelin surrounding nerves, the faster and more accurately signals will travel resulting in learning and skill development.

Use repetition and lots of practice as you home school your child. That’s the tip of the week!

Curt Bumcrot, MRE

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