New Technology, Same Attraction

Remember TV Dinners? You, probably not. Me, unfortunately yes. They were introduced to the public in the 1950’s. TV trays followed around the same time.  Combining both products provided harried and overworked family members with some screen time. No food preparation required. No interaction desired.

Fast forward to today.

TV Dinners and trays have given way to better tasting microwavable food, affordable laptops and smart phones.

People are eating out more today compared to the 1950’s and that’s a change too. But, what hasn’t changed is our desire for screen time, and now you see it in restaurants. Our smart phones are with us continuously.  Kind of like our car keys. Without them nearby, we may feel a little nervous and maybe even vulnerable.

I’d like to make a suggestion: put your screens down, maybe even turn them off. Not permanently, of course, but just for a little while. I know, it feels unnatural. It’s hard.

The English word, companion, comes from the Latin word “com” meaning “with” and “panis” meaning “bread.”  The word companion has been translated to mean, “with whom one eats bread.”

So, maybe change things up this week. Eliminate distractions and be completely present with the one you’re with at dinner, whether at home or eating out.

Put your screen down (at least for a little while).

That’s the tip of the week!

Curt Bumcrot, MRE

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