You Can’t Always Teach to Your Child’s Learning Style

A lot of us got into home schooling so that we could customize the instructional menu to match our child’s learning style. So…

• Your child doesn’t like to read and is an auditory learner? No problem. Use audio books, or a website like Audible.

• Your child needs to see everything, and is a visual learner? Use a curriculum that is visually driven.

• Your child needs manipulatives to grasp math concepts and is a kinesthetic learner? Use a manipulative-based math curriculum like Touch Math.

But, at some point your child is going to have to do something that doesn’t “sync” or “line up” with their learning style. They may have to do something they don’t like. They may have to do something that’s uncomfortable, that’s not “delight directed” as we used to call it. They may have to do something that is hard, and there will be no getting around it. They’ll just have to do it. And that will just be the way it is.

When it comes to achievement testing, some students don’t work well with time limits, or “framed answers,” or … whatever. But that’s just the way it is.

When it comes to getting a license to drive, applicants must pass a written exam in public. Unnerving, maybe. But again, that’s just the way it is.

When it comes to getting an in-person interview with the hope of landing a job in a large business, those seeking employment will first need to go on-line, fill out an application, and answer some questions. Definitely a limited way to make a good first impression. But, that’s the way much of the entry level job market works.

So, don’t avoid learning activities because they’re hard or don’t align with your child’s learning style. Work them in now and then in order to prepare your child for the future.
That’s the tip of the week!

Curt Bumcrot, MRE

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