Tutoring Policies

Please read and agree to the below policies before applying.

Attendance and Cancellations

In addition to weather closures, accounts will not be charged for sickness or emergencies. All other cancellations need to be made with at least 24 hours notice or by prior arrangement. All unexcused sessions without this notice will be charged for the full tutoring session. Excessive missed sessions may result in termination of services. Any termination of services initiated by the client, other than those originally stated in the enrollment form, require a two-week notice. For clients involved in group tutoring, termination of services may be subject to a $25 withdrawal fee.

Tutor Cancellations and Weather

Tutors make every effort to deliver each scheduled session, but occasionally a personal need arises that necessitates the cancellation of an appointment. In that event, the tutor will notify parents and students. If Oregon City Schools close for the day due to inclement weather, student services at Basic Skills will also be canceled. If Oregon City Schools delay openings to mid-morning, all sessions prior to 10:00 a.m. will be cancelled; all others will meet as scheduled. Holiday breaks such as Spring Break are subject to change, and we do not observe holidays such as President’s Day. Please check with us in advance.

Tuition and Payment

Tutoring fees range from $36.00-$45.00 per hour for private sessions, or $12.00-$18.00 per hour for group tutoring, depending on number of students. Sessions are prearranged as either half-hour or hour time slots. Two payment options are available:

  • Credit or debit cards can be automatically charged the first week of every month for the prior month’s services. For your safety, all credit card information will be stored in a confidential and secure location.
  • Monthly statements showing sessions and payments made will be mailed at the beginning of every month to reflect the previous month’s services and financial transactions.
  • Weekly payments can be made the day of the session. Weekly statements will be emailed, with payment due the following tutoring session by check or credit card.
  • Payment can be made online via Paypal.

Progress Reports

For students not in one of our other programs, quarterly reports may be given to parents to communicate progress and performance.

Dress Code

Dress is to be modest and safe, and not a distraction to other students or tutors. In keeping with these expectations, the following guidelines are designed to help parents and students make appropriate clothing choices.

Pants: Neat and clean, modest. Jeans and shorts are allowed. Boxers and underwear must not be showing. Shorts must not draw attention while standing or sitting.

Shirts: Neat and clean, with sleeves. Not Allowed: Offensive printing which dishonors God, midriffs, tank tops, halter tops, stomach baring shirts, sleeveless or single sleeve shirts, and low-cut tops.

Skirt Length: No shorter than slightly above the knee, does not draw attention while standing or sitting.