Take Advantage of Prime Time


If you’re like many of us, yesterday was the first day back to school after Christmas vacation.   Hard to get going after being off schedule for a couple of weeks.  Sort of like going to the gym after being away for a little too long and getting on the elliptical to warm up. After 5 minutes you start to feel the burn and you want to get off, take a break, and cut your work out short. You’re saying to yourself, “I just don’t want to be here.”

The fact is though, you are here, and hopefully you finish your workout. Time to get going again!

Today’s tip is short as we start the new year. It has to do with the order in which content is presented.

The first part of each day is considered “prime time.”  Content presented and learned earlier in the day, is more easily grasped and remembered than equally difficult content presented later when fatigue begins to set in.

For this reason, most home schoolers teach math and language arts in the morning, take a break and then present science and/or social studies. Elective-type content that is less academic follows lunch.

Present your most demanding subjects first each day. Take advantage of the “prime time” for learning.

Happy New Year!

Curt Bumcrot, MRE

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