Privately Developed Plan (PDP) Program

A Privately Developed Plan (PDP) is required by Oregon Law when a homeschool student fails to score above the 14th percentile on a nationally-normed achievement test.

The Privately Developed Plan is an individually developed plan that is cooperatively written by an academic advisor and you, the parents, to address the educational needs of a child with special needs or with a learning disability. This plan is developed after an initial evaluation and consultation.

The PDP will include specific educational goals, which you can follow at home, and documentation of the student’s progress. Parents and students will meet on a quarterly basis with their academic advisor for support, evaluation, and advice.


  • Four meetings with a PDP Program Advisor for support and assistance in accomplishing the PDP.
  • Curriculum suggestions and advice.
  • A year-end academic evaluation. A year-end progress report based upon the year-end academic evaluation.
  • Maintenance of cumulative records.
  • Year-end correspondence reporting satisfactory progress.
  • Telephone support to answer questions throughout the year.

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Tuition and Fees
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