Independent Study

This program enables students to complete required courses independent of a classroom. Enrollment in the program is limited to high school students enrolled in a private school. Common reasons for enrolling in the Independent Study Program include:

  • Improve low or incomplete grades
  • Accelerate high school schedule
  • Schedule conflict
  • Extended illness

Parent and students report to an NCCA academic advisor at the end of each semester for evaluations. An official transcript is issued upon satisfactory completion of the coursework.


  • Assistance with course and curriculum selection
  • One 30 minute initial advising session. Parents and students meet with their academic advisor initially to develop academic plan and assign coursework.
  • One 30 minute advising session at the end of each semester when coursework is completed. The academic advisor will evaluate the student’s work and review the appropriate documentation.
  • A transcript showing the grade and unit(s) earned is mailed to the student’s parents.  An official copy of this transcript is mailed to the student’s school.
  • Telephone/e-mail support to answer brief questions throughout the year.
  • Additional appointments, if requested by the parent, at a special hourly rate.
Tuition and Fees
Application Fee - $50 (non-refundable) Pay Now Button
One Semester (0.5 Unit) - $50Pay Now Button
Two Semesters (1.0 Unit) - $100Pay Now Button

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes are available?

The following courses currently available through the Independent Study Program include:

Algebra 1                                          
Career Education                                
Personal Finance                                
Physical Education              
Algebra 2

Other courses may be available upon request.

Will the advisor grade my student's homework or administer tests?

No. The Independent Study Program requires parent involvement. A parent or supervising adult must be available to monitor the coursework, administer tests, and provide records of daily work.

Tests are administered and graded by a parent. All tests are closed-book, which means it is generally completed without the assistance of any books, notes, or outside help.

Records-keeping and testing witness forms will be provided by the academic advisor, to be signed by the parent and attached to submitted materials.

Is there a deadline for my student to finish her coursework?

A maximum of one year from the date of enrollment is allowed to complete one unit of coursework (six months for one-half unit). If the work is not completed within that time period, a three month extension may be granted for an additional fee.