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Basic Skills

Grammar Bytes

Grammar Bytes is an alternative to the boring and seeming endless pages of most grammar books.  Centered around the theme of inventions, this book is made up of twenty-one exercises, each comprised of three high-interest activities.  Your student will use their knowledge of grammar to solve puzzles, identify missing words in short stories, and write creatively according to a prescribed grammatical pattern.   Beginning with verbs and nouns, an additional part of speech is added to each activity every three exercises. Completing this book will reinforce your student’s knowledge of grammar and improve his writing skills!

Parent Book -74 pages.

Student Book- 68 pages.

Click here to view the first 11 pages of the Grammar Bytes Parent Book.

Click here to view the first 8 pages of the Grammar Bytes Student Book


1 E-book copies:  $12.00 each


 - PDF format, Adobe Reader required

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Hard Copy - $20

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